Guide to DNA Ancestry Test

DNA testing refers to the method used to differentiate between individuals of the same species by using their DNA samples. In DNA testing, the presence or absence of a particular sequence of DNA is checked. Today, you can now know your ancestry by doing DNA testing. DNA ancestry or ethnicity test is used to know your ethnicity or to find out if your ancestors were Americans or immigrants from other countries. If you have ancestry questions in your mind, then DNA ancestry testing can help answer these questions. DNA ethnicity test is available to anyone who wants to find out where his ancestors originated.

Many people had believed that the human race came from Africa. Because of this people wanted to know the truth and so interest in DNA ethnicity testing began. The DNA ethnicity test is the first of its kind to be developed. This test will tell you if you have European, African, or East Asian blood. For example, a person can be 75% European, 25% East Asian with no African blood. You ancestors can be European, Ais9an or African, which will be determined from your DNA samples.

Some say that if you see from the results that you belong to a certain ethnicity then you can qualify for ethnicity-specific scholarships, and race-based college admissions. In the olden days, it was the native tribes that inhabited the country. With DNA ethnicity testing you can find out if you are one of the descendants of one of the native tribes.

DNA samples will be collected to undergo mitochondrial and Y-Chromosome testing for North American DNA testing. You can determine your maternal lineage through the mitochondrial DNA while the Y-chromosome determines your paternal lineage.

Today, you can get your DNA samples at home using home testing kit that some companies provide, and the sample that you take can be sent to a laboratory for analysis. You simply need a few drops of blood or check cells specimen which can be collected by rubbing a cotton swab inside the mouth. There are some laboratories that use mouthwash or chewing gum for analysis. The lab results are given in a fast, reliable, and confidential manner.

The unique DNA pattern in every individual makes it possible to do DNA testing. Individuals who were adopted are usually the ones interested in finding out about their ancestry. Many people want to know if they have are Native American, African, Asian or a combination of all of these types of blood. With the help of DNA testing all your questions about ancestry can be answered. If you want everything to be done without revealing who you are, then you can use the home kit and get your own DNA samples to be sent to the lab.

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